Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Let's introduce Tim, who is bright, but dim

Then we enter her and aha, let the games begin

More than my friend but less than mines

Tireless nights pondering if our hearts will eventually intertwine

The phone calls at first were all play..

..until it became obviously our feelings didn't participate

I miss you when you're gone

I hate when you're here

I blame you when shit goes wrong

I loathe it when you're not near

I treat you like mines and I shouldn't..

The constant cries from you begging to bear my child..

And I wouldn't

Explicit thoughts and dry words conceal my innermost feelings for you, and have you confused. Why? Because you yourself don't know the truth.

Can I make you believe certain things I recycle for the wrong reasons, and maybe your heart from that nigga, fuck it call it treason.

To take you from him would be to betray my kin, selfishly giving into the demands of my dick for its next fix.
I'm not worried.

I look down, then up, not for God but to the clouds as they meld together. The desire to claim her as my own is so overpowering. I don't care who i have to go through...there isn't another woman like her

An ode to the betrayal of my brother.


  1. You're very talented; I enjoy reading your writings. I think I'm obsessed with your work. Keep doing what you do :)

  2. Idk you personaly but I have to say you are talented ... idk how I even found this site especially because I was searching MapQuest lol ...I'm glad Google fucked up