Monday, February 21, 2011


She used to tell me when we argued that something must obviously be wrong with me if x cheats on y, where my exes fit the 'x' and I'm the 'y' in the formula. Last night, I was talking to another female about a similar situation and she gave me a simpler response ... maybe I make females seem as though I'm less interested than what I really am. I'm not clingy, I'm far from it actually. If I like someone I'll just toss the name around, never really explicitly stating that I like someone. I also flirt with other women to a freakish amount on social networking sites, primarily Twitter. Honestly, I've been using this ridiculous formula and lo and behold, who's single? My last two relationships consisted of rifts that have been brought to the relationship that I didn't think were THAT big of a deal y'know? I always did it in fun but for that moment where my head is blown up from some chick on the internet, a chick in real life is slipping from my grasp because I'm showing one thing and doing another. 

I don't know, maybe it's trivial, maybe I'm really crazy but I hold off on showing any woman any type of meaningful emotion. When you give your soul to one person and they crush that shit, it isn't such an easy task and no, I haven't found a woman that would have the heart to deal with me. I think that's what I want.   


  1. Damn. I was going to ask why your tweets were so emotionless, so I said let me look at his page first. But now I understand.
    That's deep though. Hope it works for you in the end. Always does.

  2. Hi Tim- yes pretty much sounds that for some reason you are afraid of getting hurt or maybe the female is just not grasping you enough- or the thrill of flirting with others while you have someone is something you enjoy, I wouldnt say you were cold.