Thursday, May 3, 2012


My thoughts and desires confuse me. They confuse me because though they are simplistic in nature, the difficulty in obtaining such desires stress the question, is it really worth it?

Simplicity in difficulty... a hell of an oxymoron. I'm trying to figure myself out and you fill my blanks. I say why I did something and I don't have to explain my reasoning to you, because you know me.

I think the level of comfort and attachment you develop with a person ties with a compilation of both bad and good experiences, and how those experiences weigh upon each other. You had be figured out though before we even crossed the friendship plateau. You didn't see a marijuana addict with a fucked up mask, you saw you would say, "Timothy".

You loved me like no other, and it made me question the love I had for the woman I was "in love" with two years ago. I was looking for love and I plastered it on the wrong female, and I never wanted more than to give you what she got, because as you deserved it, she didn't.

You like the rough me though. The man in me. As I'm in love with your innocent side, your wild nature turns me on just as much, your strengths fill the void on my flaws and my talents are at your disposal. If perfection was an actual concept, our harmony would be it.

The Fire

Its dark, I lie, its dim
Its alive
Our candle burning slowly
Our love personified
We rush to protect it
Keep the flame hot
Try and defeat our plot
Eglantine is Eve
Tenacity in T
The flickering flame grows broader...brighter
Don't you see Eve?


Fuck the candle
Build a fireplace with me

(Originally typed 4/27/12 -- Revised 5/3/12)

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