Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I'm far from innocent and I never pretend to be. I'm a realist that never holds his comments to himself, my paranoia accompanies me on this image called 'life'. I apologize. This is a poem I wrote a year ago before I began my detachment from her. It's a descriptive piece I hope you'll be able to appreciate. 

The sun shined on us not too long

We could never go an extended period without doing wrong

Lying to the other saying everything was great

Until someone gets caught & the emotion's escapes

It probably could have rained with your tears when you found out I flirted with her

At the same time telling you I didn’t give a fuck about her

I swear I only loved you ..but you couldn't believe it

When I told another bitch the exact same shit

I fucked up, not believing my mistake

And it was too much for your heart to take

Tossing around the phrase like it wasn't sacred

While you began to verbalize your hatred

I took advantage of your love for me

I figured that you would always come back running to me

Then I saw that you were desired by so many people & played with their interests

& my happiness digressed

Living a fucking lie for the past 3 months

But I made you feel like you've been living a much longer one

...no more apologies. Over. Done. 

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