Monday, August 15, 2011

DC's Return

As you can see, I'm updating beenfargone...meaning I scrapped the idea for "Done 'Till November".. not due to lack of creativity but a lack of true passion, the blog would have been more of a gimmick than anything, after November 15 I was to resume my marijuana habit where I left it and continue profiting from my business. The original plan.

I've yet to "truly" stop smoking. Yes, I lied, 3 times in fact, relapsing on marijuana because I was drinking alcohol for a similar effect. I'd rather be a pothead than an alchy so I've slowed drinking as well as smoking in abundance like I used to. Anywho..

How have I been? Well, honestly, I feel a lot more crazy and eccentric than I have in a while and I truly believe that I'm starting to lose my mind. I think that I'm going crazy, out of my own realm of sanity and cowering in my corner because I don't want to lose this. If I allow the dissemination of my mind into ...that, would I ever really be me again? Is this even the real me speaking right now, or the stinging realization that I have no control with the progression of my mind?

My favorite person in the world continues to amaze me, and it's something I've come to almost expect from her. Other people may be joyous of her, it's already embedded in me that she's a champ and she's already won the title, she's going to win and going to accomplish what she sets her heart out to. I look at her as a source of inspiration at times, that something that special and amazing is literally there if I ever need to talk to her about anything. A woman who truly, truly, gets the distorted mind of Tim.

As I slow down and proofread this blog (yes, I'm typing this and proofreading, all from an iPhone), I wonder if anything of the goals I want to accomplish are ever going to come into fruition. With progress comes the chance for the goals that I have set out for me to be accomplished, accomplishing my goal of the publication of my Book remains to be seen, but the rise of my business seems to be in the near horizon ...

Till next time.

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  1. You really can do anything you set your mind too. I've learned discipline is the key to any type of success. Become disciplined and everything else will come together like Miyagi and the Karate Kid (the original one). Nice blog.