Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mic Please

I told her I loved her. I was fucking around at first, just something to say to get her giddy, and she'd quickly shoot me down.

I ain't really need her... I barely called her
She was just ... there.
I didn't care..

The chick understood me though. Well, I can't really say that. I think only one woman gets me, but she accurately analyzed me. Thinking about it now, I was probably an analytical project. I was crazy though.

I put my emotions in her
A vessel..a shell
That vessel evolved.
The only human I called.

I don't .. fuck with a lot of people, not like I used to. I stopped because with me affiliating with my friends, I usually get into trouble. With me being quiet and peaceful, I have changed in a man. I became reliant on her because she was one of the few I found interest in, could talk to and be myself...my psychotic self.

It started off beautiful..then it twisted.
The conversations shorter
The talking evolved into bitching...

I started to get annoying, something I never want to do. That isn't me.

My lack of respect, I guess, drove her away. Fuck it though, I don't get a fuck. I really don't. Fuck her, as a matter of fact. Shit, I'm me, I'm from D.C.... that means I'm .. I don't fucking know.

I miss her. I'm not going to apologize though.
My pride MUST...must be salvaged.

I guess I can say I miss you. You don't read this anyway, so it's not like you're reading this.


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