Saturday, December 24, 2011

Eve (Appropriately Titled)

It's not a dope feeling seeing you. The long hair I'll never get to grasp, your love which is desired by many and allowed to only a small few. The love I currently ache for, the love that was so sick and twisted...formed into something quite beautiful. The elite group, let's say.

Being a part of that group was a 50/50 thing. Eve had terrible insecurities, which made Eve a demi-psycho at the very least. Eve, for all she cared, wanted my love and sought everything in her power to make sure only I displayed her affection. Eve hated every woman that knew me. I was constantly getting harassed by Eve about several flirtatious tweets on Twitter, old ladies at the grocery store, anything FEMALE I encountered, Eve wanted eliminated. In my world, Eve worked very hard to sculpt a statue in her glory for me to worship. Eve was extremely insecure.

I'm very insecure myself, but Eve took it beyond the cute jealousy. I never inquired on anything Eve did, and when I did, Eve would flip the situation in her favor. Eve became obsessed with seeing me "cheat" that her methods and consequences and that she instilled became more and more absurd. Finally, Eve just began to threaten the relationship to obtain her demands.

Eve knew how to manipulate me. Aggravate me, which in turn would cause me to "blow up" and later try to reconcile and give in to what she wanted. She wasn't Asia, but both women had a nasty trait of being "detectives". I love Eve so much though, Eve fucking looooooooves me. Eve is always calling me, always worried about me, and wanted to be the most perfect woman to me. Perfection and insecurities don't mix.

I'm not the only failed relationship Eve has had, and I highly doubt I'm the last. Emotional trauma tends to stick with you, for life, and for the second time, I got caught up with a chick who is too insecure for her own good. She got caught up with a gentleman who is too angry for his own good.

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