Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fuck you and her

Her features are flawless but let me retract my statement.

She's perfection, yet she'll never hear it from me.

For hours I could go on about how my world will suffer a period of stagnation, but I refuse too.

Let's try something, if I gave you my heart, what would you do? Would you accept it or toss me away as something new sparks your interest? Too much pride to be called a toy so I disallowed access to my heart. It'll never be broken, again.

You can't promise that won't break my heart, just like I can't promise I won't break yours. To show someone true devotion only to be rejected and shunned, it's a reoccurring feeling.

It has happened often enough.

It made me push you the fuck away from me because I know you're going to leave. Maybe I sped up the process, but you were bound to leave. Every, literally, every bitch left. I told you before there must obviously be something wrong with me if I'm unable to effectively click with my partner(s).

Have you lived through life afraid of who to love because you may love the wrong person again? You graciously give whoever you're with the benefit of the doubt because you're supposed to be a representation of future events, but how often does it really end like that?

I can't name a time. Sure, nobody is perfect and I'm far from that, but I wouldn't care as much if they didn't complain about how cold I was, finally gave them what they wanted, and shortly afterwards, it's over.

It really makes me regret wasting more time with people. Why is it detrimental that I find a companion? Maybe I just don't need one.

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