Thursday, March 29, 2012


My imagination is just as active as yours, and though I don't detail what I think of you, thoughts of our rendezvous actively burst in my head, and though I trust you and can confide in you, I become hesitant to tell you what I feel for you because you won't believe me, and even if you did, what could we do about it right now, in the present?

It's easy to write about you, that was proven two months after we actually began talking and I wrote that poem for you, and even then, I was hesitant on letting you read it. I never wanted you to think I was a creep writing about you. It's how I express myself, I aim for it to be memorable, I hope I've done a good job thus far.

You're more than just that "dream" or "fantasy", I've come to appreciate your presence when you make a guest appearance in my head. It's normally a cinematic event, and regardless of how serious I have tried to keep my face, I can't help but smile at you. I enjoy talking about you, thinking about you, outside my high, I still think of you, and you still make me smile.

I may have realized your existence some 20 or so months ago, but I feel like I have known you my whole life, and I've never been able to say that about anyone. Our unique relationship is the highlight of the bonds and relationships I've formed, it is extremely special. I've never met anyone quite like you, and I'm happy I haven't; I get to experience only you. I feel connected to you in a sense.

I never thanked you for what you did, accepting me at my worst and maintaining an interest in me throughout it. I know I'm a hell of a burden. You like it though, haaa :).

Gracias, amor

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