Sunday, April 8, 2012


Her wild side complemented my cold exterior. Undeniably lovable, but with a stark willingness NOT to show it.

Her beautiful curly hair contrasts my rough braids, my manliness in true harmony with her innocence, her flair, to call her a beauty would be an understatement on the absolute perfection that embodies her.

Nothingness. Blinded by sand, my eyes closed, feeling around, aimlessly, my dense personality personified.

She offers a key, but tosses it into the darkness, my task to retrieve the key which holds so much potential, a Pandora's box in her own right, a collision of love and hate, Hatred with gluttonous intentions. It rattles in the darkness, offering a clue where it may be at.

Dropping to my knees is quite possibly the stupidest thing I could do, death in the dark, my knees grinding deep into the shards of glass on the floor. I offered a weak 'ha', fully aware of the hopelessness, fully aware of my lofty success rate, and slowly press my open palms onto the ground, blood trickling down, following the path of arches on my hand.

A deafening roar erupts out of me, the hopelessness of my situation settling it. A once brightly lit room, we both destroyed it, smashing every light overhead, causing chalk-colored glass to rain. More blood rushes out of my body as my search becomes more frantic, anxiously waiting for the imprint of a key to rub against my fingers. No such event occurs and I begin to suspect that the key may have been a mirage, a hallucination I induced out of desperation? I saw her, I fucking SAW her. She was here...just not now. She never really is heart is a game that she absolutely trifles with, I'm nothing more than an object to appease her boredom.

A sadistic smirk arises.

The bitch.

She...did destroy this world...our world, with me...


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