Tuesday, May 7, 2013

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I remember when you held me, when you kissed me, and told me I was special. Kissed my bruise when I fell down, taught me how to ride a bike. You taught me how to read. You tried. I'll always love you.

And, you, remember when we played Madden 10 times that one night and I beat you 9-1? You probably don't want to remember that one haha. College was the worst, how'd we pass?

I could gaze at you for hours, my heart latched onto you simply from your interaction, satisfying my cravings until my tolerance built up. Aye, aye? I run this. I smirked, so smile. Show the world what I fell so in love with. I'd trade 2 of my last 3 minutes just to smell your sticky sweet aroma.

You'll always be my favorite, you were the first. I asked for you, and you graced me, 10 years your senior. Then you, and you. I've been terrible as a sibling, but understand that I love all of you. To know you're all smart and have bright futures ahead...

See you.

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