Monday, November 1, 2010

Mental Anguish

As the months continue to roll on, I condemn my advancement into letting my ex go, the attachment I once had with her disintegrating into nothingness. I still wonder if she's okay but I no longer wish to be with her, the reality of our relationship appearing before eyes no longer blinded by love. But...just read. Maybe you'll realize what I'm trying to say. 

Mental Exhaustion

As I lie at night and gaze at the sky
I relish my mental uncertainty, thy slipping my grasp
I think, was anything ever there?
Sanity endows my frame, snared by care
Gracious when it graces my senses
Pestered by its sudden departure
And while I wonder if it'll return
My doubts are put into check when it does
Maybe I misinterpreted you? 
If so, sever the attachment I formed with you
Let it sway into  the darkness
Never to be recovered out of respect
My mind sighs heavily, the challenge you bring
Mentally frustrated...
You're tiring. 


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